Life Coaching is a process of self-discovery. It deals with your life in many dimensions. It starts from where you are now and focuses on where you are going. The aim is that you get to move in the right direction for you, no more going around in circles.

We all may struggle at times in finding clarity in personal or professional lives, who we are, where we are heading to, finding balance, feeling lonely or lost, or face challenging choices. Life Coaching can help you to realize the changes you need to make to ensure you are heading where you want. You may want to just sort out your busy life, learn to create healthy habits, create next chapter in your life, adjust your life to living in Finland, please contact me. Every step, already reaching for a Life Coach, is a building block towards your best self.

lyhty_punaFour sessions
(Four sessions during a period of 6-8 weeks)

lyhty_viherWalk & Talk
(Coaching outdoors. I find being connected to nature breathing new life within beneficial in coaching process)

(I offer coaching also via Skype)

“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new lands, but seeing with new eyes”

– Marcel Proust