Pia Robson

LCF Life Coach

Work With Me

My coaching is one to one basis and it will be suited to your needs. I will support and encourage you to thrive in your own life to find fulfillment and happiness. I will be asking questions, opening doors and sharing light for you to see around. I do not give advice to you, but give space to your own observations, realizations and help you to find way forward.

What I enjoy in coaching is to see when change happens, when shift takes place and opportunities begin to unfold. We are all individuals so change, growth, strides to our personal best, whatever we look for, happens in our good time. It is when we plant these seeds in a fertile ground that we create the opportunity for growth and success. It is delightful to see when life starts moving forwards, plans are made, intentions awaken, goals are set and action plans written.

How about coaching outdoors? We lead busy lives and stepping outdoors offers you an opportunity to connect to nature through our senses; breathing, seeing, and sensing. Being outdoors gives you a chance possibly to stay more in the present moment and feel grounded. How do you feel, would outdoors coaching be for you?

I offer a confidential place for you to talk freely. I offer you my full focus and I will listen to you. I will help you to find your resources that are within you. I will ask questions that help you to get unstuck.
Working with me means that goals are set and things get done, and you need to be motivated to stay on track to create the life you want.